About SRF


Seazen Resources Futures (SRF) is a licensed corporation to conduct Type 2 (Dealing in Futures) Regulated Activities for clients under the SFC of Hong Kong (CE No: BBG423). FLRF provides services for clients to invest in the Hong Kong and global futures market through our online trading platform to increase the efficiency in trade. We provide 24-hour trading services to better serve our clients’ needs in a fast-changing market. FLRF provides one-stop services for different types of futures contracts, including:


Hong Kong Futures

Global Index Futures

Precious Metal Futures

Currency Futures

Energy Futures

Agricultural Futures


SRF provides 24-hour trading services to help our clients efficiently manage their investments in a fast-changing global markets.Our company provides easy access to opening accounts with clear instructions on charges under the regulations of SFC. 

We also have a team of experienced and talented sales and financial professionals to provide tailored services for our clients of diversified needs. Feel free to contact us if you wish to know more.