Client with Individual/ Joint Bank Account


If you wish to open a trading account using an individual or joint bank account, please bring the following documents:
•  Read carefully the Clients’ Master Agreement  [Download]
•  Fill in the Account Opening Form  [Download]
•  Fill in the W-8BEN Form  [Download]
•  Fill in the Self-Certification Form  [Download]
•  Proof of Identity (For Hong Kong permanent residents, please bring your permanent identity card, for non-permanent residents or non-Hong Kong residents, please bring your identity card or passport)
•  Proof of residence in the last three months (water, electricity bill or bank statements)
•  Sign on the photocopies of all documents
•  Please refer to Account Opening Checklist for details [Download]
How to Apply
      A. To apply in person:
      A new client can bring the required documents and come to our office to meet our licensed agents who will guide you through the process; 
      B. By mail:

i. Please mail in copies of the application form, necessary documents and a HK$10,000 cheque payable to Future Land Resources Futures Limited (The cheque must be issued by Hong Kong registered banks, with the client’s name shown on passport or ID card written at the back, and a signature identical to the one signed on the application form).

ii. Clients can also bring the application form and required documents, and to sign the form while witnessed and certified by a Justice of the Peace or a professional (bank officer, certified accountant, lawyer, or a notary public). The witness should provide business card and proof of processional qualifications.